Sonam Norling Gaden (Meritorious and Precious Happiness Land) Tours and Treks.

[SNG Tours & Treks]

This is a travel agency in Bhutan and basically has been named as such according to Buddhist connotation. A simple translation would be: Sonam refers to Merits or luck, Norling means precious garden/land with wealth of happiness, Gaden connotes existence of Happiness. Travelling to Bhutan, a country hidden in the High Himalayan Mountains is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To travel to Bhutan through this agency would be an unparalleled experience because we have a diverse range of offers for you to give you the ultimate travel experience.

This agency is being established by Mr. Puran Gurung and he has professional and touristic committed members within Bhutan and as well as from Canada, India, Mongolia, New Zealand, Singapore, and United States of America. Mr. Puran Gurung has worked as a teacher and shouldered portfolio of varied responsibilities which were executed smartly and efficiently. He is more inclined towards eco-tourism which was brought on by being an educator. Thus, Mr. Puran intends to promote and propel Eco-tourism to an entirely different level.

This Travel Agency was started to offer our guests a chance at an experience unlike any they have ever known before. We guarantee that the outcome of your visit will not be an issue of repentance but an incredible variance of colorful moments to be cherished for life. We are not driven by motive of profits but to ensure that the amount of time that you spend in our country, how much ever that may be, is the most special moments in your life, where your every need has been catered to. In the event of a disaster, we guarantee that your safety will be our first concern.

To say a few things about our logo, the upright mountains symbolize the Himalayan mountain range in which Bhutan is nestled. The lone man represents our valued guest, travelling to Bhutan. The tri-flags of religious prayer signify our honesty, sincerity and dedication offered to you. The five different colors of blue, white, red, green and yellow in the three flags stand for the five elements of the universe, space, air, fire, water and land respectively.

We will strive to provide you with the best of everything and hope that you will be able to leave with wonderful memories and the deepest of respect for our country.

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