Bhutan has hundreds of hotels located all across the country. They range from small, simple and clean local hotels to luxurious resorts for affluent travelers seeking the ultimate getaway. Hotels in Bhutan are rated according to a National 5 Star rating System. A wide variety of accommodation is available ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to pleasant little hotels and home-stays in traditional Bhutanese homes and settings. Visitors can be assured of their warmth and comfort of the hotels. Most hotels provide their guests with Television, Room Service, Fitness Centers, Spas and Wi-fi. However the exact services available will vary from hotel to hotel. Likewise, the ambience and hospitality presented by the hotels are unbelievable.

Visitors also have the option of spending a night in a traditional Bhutanese Farm House. Agriculture is still one of the major sources of livelihood amongst the Bhutanese people and a Farm-Stay will give you an excellent glimpse into the day-to-day life of a typical Bhutanese family. You’ll be able to observe age old Bhutanese farming traditions as the family goes about its daily tasks. You’ll enjoy delicious home-cooked meals and the unparalleled hospitality of a Bhutanese host.

The types of accommodations can be divided into:

  1. Hotels
  2. Resorts
  3. Farm-stays
  4. Home-stays



All facilities and staff required on trek including guide, cook, camp helpers, horsemen, and horses to carry luggage and tents are provided by SNG Tours & Treks.  Tents provided include sleeping, dining and cook tents and toilet tent. We provide thin mattresses but you need to bring your own sleeping bag and a pillow or extra mattress as required for additional comfort. Regardless of where they stay, visitors can be assured of their comfort and traditional Bhutanese hospitality.

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