Bhutanese – The Inimitable People

Bhutan is sandwiched geopolitically between two majestic countries; China in the north with economic power and India in the south with technology force yet Bhutan ironically lived as sovereign and independent nation owing to its people’s unity, integrity and oneness basically.

Whatever Bhutan has thus far is ultimately due to Buddhist thoughts and actions injected in the blood, bones and flesh of Bhutanese people from ancestral times. Dominantly Bhutan is home to four ethnic sections of people namely Ngalop, Sharchop, Khengpa and Lhotshampa who speak each different language and all people know each corresponding languages now. Bhutanese people live in close bonds and binds because living is within small society of nation who is related to one another in many ways and strangers by no logic and reason. As populace strength of nation is just over and above 700,000, the eastern man knows the western woman, the northern yak herder is familiar with southern paddy worker and vice-versa. Through breadth and length, all people are like one family members because we live in one shared home called Bhutan, with fatherly care from the monarchs and motherly love from abbot who is head of monastic body. The emotions and connections of brotherhood is strong still despite modern and fashion phenomena encroaching into serenity of oneness Bhutan.

A unique philosophy is Buddhist philosophy which counts all sentient beings as parents, brothers, and sisters etc due to karmic connections of the past, present relations or the future probable fate to be. Unanimously at the depth of every mind of Bhutanese people is preoccupied by such good chemistry of relationships which vibrantly keep related beings indirectly or directly, small or big, practical or in words or in thoughts only. This will remain so unless Buddhism is cared and actively practiced by us, the Bhutanese people. It is so because paramount guiding behind people is Buddhism and Buddhism’s one main factor is cause and condition. Cause and condition links us to the past, present and the future not only from Bhutan but beyond. No one can escape from this invisible karmic network.

To create good cause and condition, Bhutanese people think that we should use body, speech and mind in judicious manners with native and foreign people. So why even the tourists will come across the Bhutanese people with physically respectful and disciplined, mentally compassionate and merciful to others, verbally with courtesy and politeness. This is the chemistry Bhutanese people have and this depicts Bhutanese people are unlike other people.

The very first and physical impression is also unique by dress code with Gho for men and Kira for women. These physical differences are implicit to mental thoughts and beliefs which are housed in the minds for life. In reality this is what actually Bhutanese unique from the rest is.

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